Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CAVITE │ The Museo De La Salle Tour

Tour started with short rules and regulation of the Museum and intro of the University's tourism students and brief history of the architecture.
Lamesa from Bulacan.
In front of the 2 stairs up, story started from the large table at the center. This table came from Bulacan which has bones and teeth of alligator design.
Sciento room, Philippine Life and Biodiversity Then and Now.
After building's history and intro, we went to the first floor's left wing first room . Unfortunately, taking pictures inside is prohibited. This room is sponsored by DLSU-D Biological Sciences Department (BSD) to celebrate University's centenary. Upon entering this room, biological diversity including preserved animals donated by the department is exhibited as well as microbiological species seen through a microscope.
Outside the sciento room is a displayed arapaima approximately 2.5 feet preserved creature which capture each visitor sight.
Exhibit next to Filipiniana room.
After the first room, we went to filipiniana room (if I am not mistaken) and cited different Saint wooden icons, amulet, headless and handless figures which missing parts were made of ivory and vintage closet and drawers. Moreover beside the room is an exhibit of two manikins wearing filipina's baro't saya. These Manikins serve as a gauge to filipino's original height level, approximately 4ft.
University clippings.

Handicraft vessels.
Vintage player.

Then we went to the museum's second level where main interior design is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, picture taking is not permitted.

The interior design at second floor including the caida, sala mayor or the main sala, despacho, cuarto, oratorio for homw weddings, ceiling paintaings, wood crafts were inspired from careful research of 1800's Spanish Colonial time to 1900's American colonial period.

Museum Guidelines (lifted from Museum's brochure)
- No bags, cameras, cigarettes and lighters are allowed in the exhibition area except the following: hand-carried wallets/purses, passports and cellular phones (in mute or vibrate mode).
- No eating, drinking and smoking inside the museum.
- No touching and handling of exhibition objects.
- No wandering beyond the official tour route.

The Museo De La Salle
(046)416-4531/416-4533 loc.(3151)│
Open Tuesday to Saturday
9AM to 12NN; 1PM to 3:30PM
Entrance fee: Adults and Professionals Php 100.00
Students Php 40.00

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